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Mobile devices of various screen sizes come and go and this poses a problem when implementing a mob website. Today’s mobile devices can view normal desktop websites.

However the websites will look as if they have been squeezed onto a small screen. This will mean that the user will have to zoom in and scroll left and right and may cause your website visitors to be impatient.

One way of solving this issue is to have a mobi version website. The problem with this solution is that you have to maintain two websites and you also have to maintain two websites each time you need to edit something on your website.

Another problem is the various screen sizes mobile devices have. Not so long ago, ipads and tablet devices have been introduced. Also, devices such as the galaxy note that are a hybrid between the tablet and a smartphone mean that we may require a different mobi version for each device. This solution can be very costly.

The Ultimate Solution: At Khodiso Marketing, we believe there is no such thing as the mobile web. Only mobile different screen sizes exist. We use Responsive Website Design techniques to achieve a responsive website that will fit optimal from desktop computers, to smart phones to tablets to even mobile phone devices that have not been developed yet.

Visit this very same website on your mobile device then you'll get the idea. You'll notice exactly the same website, optimised for your mobile device.

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