Terms and Conditions

Payment terms:

  • Any variations from the package structures will incur additional charges.
  • A minimum of 50% of the total website development is to be paid on order. The balance must be paid on or before completion of the project. Acceptance will only be allowed in writing. E-mail correspondence will be considered formal acceptance of the work performed.
  • After completion of the web development, the site will be published for a maximum of 3 days, thereafter no development will be published live or delivered to you until the relevant balance of payment has been received and your acceptance has been recorded in writing.
  • Only payment via bank guaranteed cheque, electronic funds transfer or cash will be accepted.
  • Kindly note that we will charge interest at First National Bank prime overdraft rates on payments overdue by more than 5 working days from date of invoice.
  • Prices and quotations are valid for a period of 30 days unless otherwise stated.
  • Monthly hosting payments are collected by debit order. EFT payments are allowed for an annual payment of the hosting account. 
  • Proposed changes on the site should be submitted 3 working days from the time the site is published.
  • All information is to be supplied in the beginning. Proposed changes based on new information may be billed at an hourly rate.

Client responsibility

  • All content (copy, images, logos etc.) is to be supplied by you in the relevant format (.doc, .docs, xls, xlsx, ppt etc). Please note that you will be accountable for any copyright infringements should you breach any.
  • The website layout design will be designed within 5 working days (unless otherwise stated), on condition that you have supplied us with the all the content information you require on the site including text and pictures.
  • Please ensure all relevant information is supplied within 3 working days from order. If not all content is not received, it will be assumed that all information required on your project is complete and the project will be completed with this information.
  • Should a delivery date be agreed upon, it will remain subject to a prompt submission of all required content by you.
  • Should the hosting account be in arrears, Khodiso Marketing reserves the right to suspend the website and the emails.

Content Limits:

  • By a page we will include a maximum of 500 words per page. Other pictures we insert in articles will be 5 pictures per page with a maximum of 7 pictures for a Basic, 15 pictures for a Deluxe and 20 pictures for a Corporate package.
  • By gallery we mean a single gallery with a maximum of 20 pictures per gallery.
  • By Slideshow, we will format up to 3 pictures for your slideshow. This will include cropping and resizing.
  • Please be aware that you are free to expand the size of the website with more pictures, content. The above is the maximum formatting for the site we will allow.

Development Ownership

  • All projects designed by Khodiso Marketing may contain a footnote, which will form a link to our mother company: khodiso.com. Please inform us should you require the footnote to be removed.
  • All projects remain the property of Khodiso Marketing until full payment has been made.
  • Domain will remain the property of the client at all times. Transfer of the domain can be made when you need to cancel and all pending hosting fees are paid.
  • Domain registration costs are excluded from package prices unless otherwise specified.
  • Hosting is done on a month to month basis and therefore services can be canceled with a 1 calendar month notice. 

Miscellaneous terms

  • Should you wish to host a Deluxe or eCommerce package elsewhere, your hosting server will need to meet certain requirements: (PHP version 5.2.4 + and a MySQL Database version 5.0.4 +). We can verify check these with your hosting company on your behalf.
  • Technical support of the Joomla! and our eCommerce system will be given if the website gives problems during normal use of the site. Should you install extensions on your own or change any coding, technical support will be charged at our hourly rate.
  • Our hourly rates are charged in half-hourly increments.
  • We guarantee a 99.9% hosting reliability on our servers.
  • Khodiso Marketing will not be held responsible for any profit loss as a consequence of the graphical design, site availability, hosting reliability or should the site crash.
  • Terms and conditions are subject to change with reasonable notice!









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